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Decimal Calculator

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The decimal calculator achieves basic to advanced operations with decimals, real numbers, and integers and also helps you to understand the addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of decimals.  

What are Decimal Numbers?

“The number consists of a whole number and a fraction part is known as a decimal number”. 

Suppose a decimal term 44.53. In this 44 is a whole number and .53 is actually a fractional part and is written as 53/100.  

Decimal Arithmetic Operations:

The decimal part indicates where the fractional part of the number begins and the decimal calculator is designed to perform arithmetic operations on decimals so by using this discover fast calculations. There are different fundamental operations on decimals that are as follows:

To Add or Subtract Decimals: 

Line up the decimal points vertically and simply add or subtract the whole number to the whole number and the fractional part to the fractional part and after that verify this by adding and subtracting decimals calculator.

Addition Example:

How to add decimals for the numbers 13.54 and 7.65

      1 3 . 5 4
+       7 . 6 5
      2 1 . 1 9

Subtraction Example:

How to subtract decimals from whole numbers. A quick look at an example of subtracting using the same number to clarify the concepts. Take one carry from left to right so 4 on the right will become 14 

      1 3 . 5 4
-        7 . 6 5
         5 . 8 9

To Multiply or Divide Decimals:

In multiplying and division there is a little difference that is considered by the adding decimals calculator in placing the decimals. In the case of multiplication, the number of decimal places in the product = Sum of decimal places in the factors.   

On the other side of the decimal division, move the decimal point in the dividend the same number of places to the right as you move the decimal point in the divisor.

Multiplication Example:

How to multiply decimals by whole numbers 13.54 by 7.6

      1 3 . 5 4
x       7 . 6
      8 1 2 4
   9 4 7 8 x
1 0 2 . 9 0 4

If you are thinking of multiplying decimals by whole numbers, you may get instant solutions with a multiplying decimals calculator.

Division Example:

Steps on how to divide decimals for term 13.54 ÷ 7.6 


13.54 / 100 ÷ 7.6 / 10

1354 / 100 x 10 / 76

1354 / 760

How to Divide the Decimal Exponent 

If there is a decimal number and is raised to the specific whole number power then move the decimal to the left in the same number of places as the exponent or as the number of zeros 

Exponent Example:

a^b = ?


7.5 x 7.5 = 56.25

If there is power also a decimal then you are required to transform the expression into the radical form and then simplify it.

How to Calculate the Square Root of Decimals?

As we know the squaring and the square root are the inverse terms. The square root of the decimals is carried out in the same way as the whole number. The generic expression for the case of decimal square root is as follows:

ᵇ√a = a^1/b 

Number to decimal calculator with steps also considers the same expression while determining the decimal exponents of any arithmetic expression.

How to Find Decimal Logarithms? 

Usually, the expression logₐb is used to raise the subscript a to power so that it becomes b. 

Logarithm Example:


Here we have where the decimal part of the logarithm number is said to be the mantissa and it is always positive. 


= log3 (2123/1000)

= log3 (2123) – log3 (1000)

= log3 (2123) – 10

= log3 (2123)

Working of Decimal Calculator:

A decimal equivalent calculator performs decimal operations on the decimal numbers. Here are a couple of steps to follow.


  • Choose the operation from the drop-down menu 
  • Plug the values of a & b
  • How much you want to round 
  • Tap on “Calculate”


Our decimal division calculator instantly gives the following results:

  • Decimal simplification according to the selection


How to Read Decimals? 

The simple method to read decimals is to read the whole part of the decimal number the same as reading any whole number, after this read a decimal as a “point” and then read each digit of the rational part individually. 


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