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Sig Fig Calculator


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In a numerical representation, significant figures highlight the level of precision. Count the significant figures in a number and recognize that a digit is significant or insignificant. 

The sig fig calculator allows users to turn any number or expression into a new number with the desired amount of significant figures. 

How To Operate This Calculator?

The significant figures converter works on how many significant figures are in the number and even finds which number is more significant. You can insight the reason why a digit a significant or insignificant. Follow the following steps and round it to the sig fig.

  • Enter the number, scientific notation, or e-notation
  • Select the operation if your expression has anyone 
  • Enter the round figure that you want to round off 


  • Rounding significant figure  
  • Significant number for a given number or expression
  • Number of decimals places
  • Turn significant figures in E-notation
  • A significant figure in scientific notation

What is a Significant Figure?

Significant figures are digits in a number that represent the precision of a given number to the decimal places

The calculator determines the significant values without errors, making precise & quick calculations. The sig fig calculations show how precise a number might be.

What Are Significant Figure Rules?

To avoid repeating numbers that are not significant within the given term are generally rounded off. But at the time of rounding, maintaining the precision is necessary. So, look at the below rules:

  1. All non-zero numbers are significant
  2. Zeros between the non-zero digits are significant
  3. Trailing zero to the right of the decimal is significant
  4. Trailing zeros in the whole number with decimal are significant 
  5. In scientific notation, N * 10^x all digits are significant except 10 and x 
  6. Leading zeros are never significant 
  7. Trailing zeros in the whole number with no decimal is not significant 

What Is The Total of Significant Digits In...?

Calculate the answers by rounding to the significant digits. Take a short examination of the table to illustrate its rules and examples.

No. No. of Significant Figures Which are significant?
00.25 1 2
0025 2 2,5
0.0025 2 2,5
125 2 1,2
1.25 2 1,2
20.05 3 2,0,0,5
2005 4 2,0,0,5
2005.0 5 2,0,0,5,0


How Many Sig Figs Are In 1000?

The sig fig addition calculator's rule is: “Trailing zeros in the whole number with no decimal is not significant.”

So by this rule, we find that there is only 1 sig fig in the number 1000; if there is 1001, then the sig fig is 4.

How Many Significant Figures Are In 12 x 10^3?

There are two sig figs in the above-given term.

How Many Sig Figs Does 0.320 Have?

0.320 has three significant figures.

How Many Sig Figs Does 0.001 Have?

0.001 has 3 significant figures.

How Does The Sig Fig Affect The Precision?

The significant figures of the numbers are those digits that contribute to the precision. The number of sig fig digits depends on the least count of the measuring instrument.


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