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Antilog Calculator


What is Logarithm?

Logarithm is the inverse of an exponent or exponentiation function. Let's say there are 3 numbers indicated by a, x and n. Then the relationship they form is

If ax = n, where n > 0, a > 0 and a =/ 1

For better and easy understandability the formula of a logarithm is also written as

y = logbx

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What is Antilog?

The antilog function is the reverse process of finding the logarithm, called antilogarithm. Log is the inverse of an exponent so antilog is also be called as exponentiation.

An antilogarithm calculator can also be named as an inverse function calculator. We will be discussing the inverse of a function calculator later on this article.

How to calculate Antilog?

if "x" is the logarithm of a given number "n" with the given base "a" then n is called antilog or antilogarithm of "x" to that base

So, if logan = x then n = antilog x or x = logb-1 (y) = y. As log and inverse of the log are inverse functions to each other, this means that

X = by = blogbx (y) = by, and y = logbx = logb(by).

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What is Inverse Log Function?

Inverse log functions are exponential functions. For example the log (7) = 0.841 and log (2) = 0.3010, calculate the following:

Antilog / inverse of log (3.3010)

Solution: As per the antilog or inverse log formula, we get

Antilog (3.3010) = 103.3010 = 103 + 0.3010 = 103 x 100.3010 = 1000.2 = 2000

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How to find the Antilog of a number?

Finding an antilog is as easy as finding a logarithm of a function. Even the process is also similar in many ways. To find the antilog of a number first of all

  • Decide the base of your finding. In most cases, regular numbers are base 10.
  • Now choose the number of which you want to find the antilog.
  • Raise the number of base, bx.
  • Revise the entire process again to revise the calculations.

Is Natural log (ln) an Inverse log?

The natural logarithm is a type of logarithm which clarifies that natural log or ln is not an inverse or antilog. As we know, a natural log is a logarithm with a base of "e" where "e" is an exponential function.

On the other hand, an antilog or inverse of a log is an entire reverse of a log. An inverse log is found by raising a logarithm to its base "b". So we can say that a natural log is not an antilog.

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What is an Antilog Calculator?

Sometimes it is difficult to find natural log of infinity by hands. So why rely on conventional methods when you can find antilog calculator online.

The inverse function calculator allows you to calculate inverse of log function. The function inverse calculator is free to use also.

How to use Antilog Calculator?

Calculating the log inverse on our inverse of a function calculator is very easy to do. Follow steps to calculate antilog using inverse log calculator.

  • Put the number you wish to find antilog in first field
  • Put your base into 2nd field
  • Click on the "CALCULATE" button

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