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Antilog Calculator


The antilog calculator is used to determine the value of an antilogarithm with an arbitrary base. Our free initiative inverse log calculator will calculate the inverse of the log value by giving any base.

What Is Antilog?

Anti means the inverse. Antilog is the inverse operation of the logarithm for the same number. Antilog is simply the exponentiation.              


An online antilog calculator computes the inverse value of the log. The formula that should be considered in the calculations of the opposite of the log is as follows:

x = logb x^-1(y) = b^y

The inverse log calculator can calculate antilog instantly, If a is the logarithm of number b with base x, then we can say b is the antilog of a with the base x.

It can be written as; 

logx b = a Then, b = antilog a 

Whereas log and antilog are the inverse functions of each other.

As log and antilog are the inverse functions. The log is the inverse of the exponent and the antilog is the inverse of the log. So you can use our log calculator to find the log with any base.

How To Calculate Antilog?

Our antilog calculator can find the value of the inverse log in just one click. We will demonstrate with examples so that you can grasp it easily. Just stay focused!


Consider a number -2.053. What is the antilog?


Step # 1:

Break the number into parts characteristics and the mantissa, and ignore the negative sign where 2 is the characteristics and .053 is the mantissa. 

Step # 2:

Add 1 to the characteristics and subtract the mantissa from the 1. We get 

2 + 1 = 3
1 - 0.053 = 0.947

Step # 3:

Now multiply by the 10 - 3 * antilog(0.947) 

Step # 4:

Antilog of 0.947 = 8.851 * 7 = 61.957

Also, try our standard deviation calculator to compute the mean, variance, and sum for the given data set.

Working Of An Antilog Calculator: 

Use the anti ln calculator to find the antilog of the number by just entering the values and base. Our log inverse calculator will definitely calculate the inverse of the log for any number. Just stick to the following points. 


  • Put the logarithm value 
  • Choose the base 
  • Tap “calculate”


Our innovative inverse of calculator reports the following outputs.

  • Antilog of the number with the base
  • Step-by-step calculation


What Is The Antilog Of 5?

The variation of the antilog 5 depends on the base of the log value. We consider the formula for solving the problem to be y = b³


  • b is the logarithmic base
  • y is the result

For example, if the base is 3, what is antilog on calculator of 5, then the result is 27, and if we consider the base is 2, the antilog of 5 is 4. 

How Do You Convert The Log Into The Antilog?

To convert a log to an antilog, we consider the following steps.

  • Note the base of your logarithm
  • Raise both sides of the equation to that base. This removes the logarithm. 
  • For example, y = log₁₀(9) becomes 10ʸ = 9
  • Solve the remaining equation

What Is Exponent?

The exponent is the inverse of the logarithm. In other words, the power to raise the number. When you want to convert between the logarithm and the antilogarithm swap the positions of the middle and end values to get the antilog. 

What Are The Characteristics And Mantissa In The Antilog?

Mantissa is the part that comes after the decimal part, on the other side characteristics are the part that comes before the decimal point. 

For Example: 

Suppose 3.2354, 3 is the characteristic and the .2354 is the mantissa.


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