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House Age Calculator


Estimate how long your house will stay with this house age calculator. This lets you estimate the predicted age of a home relative to the material.   

Expected Lifespan of House: 

The average lifespan of a newly formed house depends on various factors and the activities of repairing homes.

Houses can last for decades if they are kept in proper maintenance that includes supports like plumbing, water damage, electrical, and whitewashing. 

Factors Determine The Age of The Building:

Estimate building age based on architectural style and factors that determine the age of the building. Look at these:

  • Material quality, durability, and maintenance are used to dictate the house's age and can improve the longevity of the house. It reduces earthquake resistance and reduces repair costs.
  • In order to enhance the age of the property and the market worth of the house proper maintenance and whitewashing are essential.
  • Building age refers to the time elapsed from the date a building was built so must use concrete in floor construction and to deal with waterworks. 
  • Use the material according to the regional climate condition. For example: if you live in a hill area construct a house with concrete. 

How Much Old Is Home?

There is a big quantity of material that is used in the construction of houses like wood, stone, brick, and concrete. So look for a house made with which material can last longer. 

Material Expected Life Span
Concrete Structure 50-60 Years
Cement and Bricks Structure 75-100 years
Wooden Structure 100-150 Years
Stone Structure 150-200 Years

Why It's Essential To Measure The House Age?

As with everything there is a fall so houses also can lose their glory and shine with the passage of time. So before buying or selling a house, it's important to estimate the age of the house. 

For this purpose, the age of a house calculator is available that estimates when a house was built and which type of repair you need to do to lift the age of the house. 

Working of House Age Calculator:

Using our calculator requires no technical experience. All you need to do includes: 


  • Put the date when the house was constructed
  • Chose the material type which is used in home construction 
  • Tap “Calculate”


After putting the above values in the house age calculator you will the following results.

  • The age of your house 
  • Predicated Age of house  


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