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Average Calculator


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Our average calculator will calculate the average of any given data set of numbers. Not only this, but the tool will also show work for range, geometric mean, and range of the data set of values.

What Is the Average?

In Mathematics, 

“The average value is determined by dividing the sum of the values in the provided set by the total number of values in the set.”

Average Formula:

If you want to that how to find the average of the set of numbers, follow up the average formula for better understanding. 

Average = Sum of Values/No.of Values

n =  The addition of all the values

An exciting aspect of the calculator is you may see how the mean changes as more data are entered using the average calculator.

How to Calculate the Average?

Calculating the average is very simple by using our calculator. But if your goal comes up with manual calculations, you need to go through the following example!

Example # 1: 

Suppose you have the numbers 10, 15, and 20. Find the average!


We know that:

The sum of all the values = 10+15+20

= 45

Total number of values = 3

Now we have:

Average = Sum of Values/No.of Values

= 45/3


Example # 2:

Make a supposition that Harry secured 520 marks in his annual examination. If the number of subjects was four he appeared, what would be the average that he scored?


Here we have:

Average = sum of all values / no of total values 

Average = 520 / 4

Average = 130

Therefore the average mark scored in all subjects is 130. You may also verify the results by using this online average calculator.

Types of Average:

The term average has several senses. It means a number used to show a collection of numbers. In the term of arithmetic, there are three types of averages.

  • Mean: Mean is said to be what you get if you share everything equally.
  • Mode: Mode is said to be the most common value.
  • Median: Median is said to be the value in the middle of a set of data.

Working of Our Average Calculator:

The use of our average finder is quite simple & straightforward. Let’s find out how you could use it without any trouble!


  • Enter the data set values (numbers) in the respective field
  • Tap Calculate 


  • Sum and Average of data set with the steps shown
  • Geometric mean 
  • The range of the data set entered 
  • Maximum and minimum values in the data set


Why Do We Calculate the Average?

The average is representative of the entire data. The purpose of the average is to determine how the data set performs or acts as a whole. The defined aim of the average is to show a large collection of numbers with a single number.


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