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Raw Score Calculator


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The raw score calculator is a tool that helps you in calculating the unaltered data/score value with the help of mean value, standard deviation, and z-score. The raw score represents the actual value of a statistical measure.

What Is Raw Score?

“A raw score is an original score known to be an unaltered measurement that didn’t get transferred yet into any statistical term”.

The raw score is a part of the statistics that helps us to measure the unaltered values. The raw score data is a type of information that has not been weighted, calculated, transformed, or converted. The entire unmodified data set of the raw score is known as the raw data set.

The raw score is represented by the symbol “X” on the dataset. However, both the z-score and the raw score are two different figures but they represent the same information. By using a z-score in the raw score formula, you can convert a raw score value into a z-score.

The Formula of The Raw Score Calculator:

The raw score is calculated by the raw score formula which is as follows:

Raw Score =  Mean + (Z-Score) (Standard deviation)

X  = μ + Zσ

In this formula,

X  =  Raw Score

μ  =  Mean

z  =  Z Score Value

σ  =  Standard Deviation

How To Find Raw Score?

If you are wondering how to calculate raw score, we will present a few illustrative examples to clarify the concept further,

Example 1: Land Price

If you calculate the raw score for a farming land price, the z-score value is 5, and the average mean price of the land is $200,000 and a $30,000 standard deviation.


By using the raw score equation you can calculate the original value which is as follows:

x= µ + Zσ

The raw score of land  =  $200,000  +  ($30,000) (5)

The raw score of land  =  $200,000  +  150,000  =  $350,000

So the raw score of the land is $350,000

Example 2: Exam Scores

In an exam hall, you can find the raw score with the help of mean, standard deviation, and z-score, which is 100, 10, and 3, respectively.


x= µ + Zσ

µ (Mean Value)  =  100

z (Z-Score Value)  =  3

σ (Standard Deviation)  =  10

So, the raw score of the exam is calculated below:

X  =  100  +  (3) (10)

X  =  100  +  30

X  =  130

The raw score of an exam is 130, you can verify the results by using our z score to raw score calculator.

Working of The Raw Score Calculator:

You can use the score calculator to get the raw score value as follows:


  • Enter the Mean Value
  • Enter Standard Deviation and z-score Values
  • Press the Calculate Button


  • Raw Score Values


What Is The Range of Raw Scores?

A raw score is based on a scale of 0-100, with 70 being considered passing.

Can You Convert a Z-Score To a Raw Score?

Yes, you can convert by using the raw score calculator formula which is x= µ + Zσ.

What Is The Raw Score In Z Score?

Z Scores are the raw scores described in standard deviation units (SDU), that are related to the mean score.


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