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Z Score Calculator


Z Score:

z =

z =

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What is Z Score?

Z score describes the dimensionless amount that is utilized to show the marked, fragmentary, number of standard deviations by which an occasion is over the mean worth being estimated. Values over the mean have positive z-scores, while values underneath the mean have negative z-scores.


In simple words, z-scores allow us to compare individual values or scores on a single distribution as long as we have mean and standard derivation where the mean=0 and standard derivation is +1 or -1 etc.

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What is Z Score Formula?

As per the definition of Z-Score, it can be calculated by subtracting the population mean from the raw score. You can also consider data point in question such as calculating test score, height, age etc. In this case, the dividing difference will be the population standard deviation. The same formula is utilized by our Z score calculator.


Z = X − μ/σ

Where x is the raw score, μ is the populace means, and σ is the populace standard deviation.

For you learning regarding standard deviation & Distance, find out our Standard Deviation Calculator & Distance Formula Calculator.

How to find Z Score?

It is very easy to learn how to find z score. For a distribution with a μ = 85 and σ = 5, find

What is the Z-score for X=85?

As per Z Score formula, Z = 85 – 85 / 5 = 0 / 5 = 0

What is the Z-Score for X = 90?

As per Z Score formula, Z = 90 – 85 / 5 = 5 / 5 = 1

If you can use z score formula, You can find Z-Score of any term.

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What is Standard Normal Distribution?

The standard normal distribution is an extraordinary sort of ordinary circulation for a nonstop arbitrary variable Z with a typical measurement.

In the standard normal distribution.

  • mean = median = mode
  • SD = 1 and mean = 0

In the standard normal distribution we also have the formula to convert any "raw score" to a z score. The most widely recognized Z score equation is for populace information beneath yet we have more

Z = X− μ/σ

With distribution, there is a possiblity of arising variance & covariance. To learn about these concepts we have Variance Calculator & Covariance Calculator.

What is Z Score Table?

Z score table comprises of standardized values utilized to decide the probability that a given measurement is beneath, above, or between the standard ordinary distributions.

The z score table beneath is a right-tail z-table. The right tail z-score table is implied when a z-table is referenced. It is utilized to discover the zone between z = 0 and any positive worth. It reference the zone to one side hand side of the standard deviation bend.

Z Score Table

The Z score table is also referred as Z score chart. The z score chart or z-score table basically shows the percentage of values.

z score table

What is Z Score Calculator?

Like many other mathematical or statistical problems, calculating z-score by hands is quite a hassle and time taking the job. But like our many other online calculators, this Z score calculator is also a specimen of itself.

You cannot find a better z score calculator than this because of its usability and user interface. Our Z Score calculator uses z score equation & z score formula to find accurate results.

How to calculate Z Score?

It is very easy to learn how to calculate z score using Z score calculator. You only need to perform the following steps to calculate z score using this z calculator.

  • Add "Experimental Result" in the First Field
  • Add "Mean Value" in the Second Field
  • Add "Standard Derivation Value" in the third Value
  • Click on the "Calculate" Button

Our z score calculator You will get you the desired results within a few seconds after clicking on the calculate button.

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