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Hex Converter


Looking to convert hex format to binary? You've stopped by at the right place. Our Hex to Binary converter is the finest one out there for the job. It is free to use and requires no registration or subscription for that matter.

We hold our site visitors in high esteem and make sure they do not experience any sort of inconvenience on our platform. It is for this reason we have worked so hard on our user interface.

The best part about our web tool is the simplicity, all you have to do is write or paste your code in hex format inside the bar and press 'convert' and that’s it! This tool would do the rest of the thing. Within a matter of seconds, you'd have your code in hex format converted into binary format.

Even though, it’s theoretically possible to convert hex into binary yourself but that’s that. It’s not really practical. The reason being the sheer unreadability that accompanies a binary code. This unreadability makes it exhausting enough to manually take on the task. Not to mention the potential for even a minor human error like a misplaced binary digit can end up changing the entire code.

So, leave it to the computer programs to do the calculations. Not only our web tool would save you a lot of time, the converted code would also be perfectly free from any errors.

Why Hex is converted into Binary:

In case you’re wondering what might the practical applications of this conversion be, there are a lot of reasons why Hex is converted into binary BUT! First, we'd have to traverse a little deeper down the rabbit hole to understand what these two formats really represent.

What is Hex?

Hex or more precisely, the Hexadecimal is a language format used to code information. It has a decimal base of 16 because it uses 16 total symbols to represent information.

Unlike traditional method of number representation with ten symbols, hex employs 16 distinct values, the symbols from '0’-‘9’ to represent values from '0’ to '9’, and alphabets from 'a' to 'f' to represent values from 10 to 15.  As it should be evident, it totals to a base of 16 because the values start from 0 instead of 1.

Hex language is widely employed by computer Engineers (both in terms of software and hardware) and programmers because it is a human-readable representation of binary code values.

Each Binary digit comprises 1 bit of information and each hex digit represents 4 binary digits and is also called a Nibble, which is equivalent to a half Byte (1 byte equals 8 bits). For instance, 1 byte of binary could have values ranging from 00000000 to 11111111 which can be represented as 00 to FF in hex for purposes of convenience.

What is Binary?

Binary format represents information in 'two states system': most famous being the '0’ and '1’. Other ‘two states systems’ can also be employed for this format.

The point is that it uses two states to code information. It is the default language in which computers process information. The reason being that computers operate through transistors with logic gates that are either in one state or the other.

Also, as has been mentioned above, a single binary digit comprises 1 bit in total.

Hex to Binary:

Binary format is extremely difficult although not impossible for humans to comprehend. It has poor value in terms of human readability yet it is the only language that allows information processing in computing systems.

Hex on the other hand, is easier for human mind to read. Therefore, hex to binary converter is extensively used by computer designers and programmers to work out their computer related stuff.

This converter essentially establishes a channel of communication between the human operator and the computer in this regard.

For instance, a computer engineer can use hex to binary converter to find out whether a computer is defective in processing a certain string of information by directly evaluating the code in binary and it’s execution by the computer.

How To Use Hex Converter?

how to use hex converter