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Text To Binary Converter



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Our web tool takes the input in the form of text and converts it into the binary format. Sounds pretty neat right? Well, at the surface level, it actually is, but only when done by computers.

This is precisely why this converter was designed. To save you from the distress of doing it yourself in troubled waters of 0s and 1s with their terrible unreadability.

Binary format is extremely difficult for the human mind to comprehend. Our brains are not hardwired to handle highly complex information especially that which is related to numbers.

This is why we take a lot of time in making large calculations by ourselves and the larger the calculation, the more prone a human being is, to errors.

What makes binary language difficult, especially in comparison to text, is that it takes 8 digits (1 byte) to encode the information of a single Alphabetic character. Consider ‘A’ for instance, it is a simple individual alphabet. Wanna see how it is represented in those notorious 0s and 1s? Here you go, the Alphabetic character ‘A’ in Binary, is encoded as ‘010000001’

However, our text to binary converter is here to save the day for you. Not only will it convert the text into binary, it will do so at lightning speed and without any errors. Also, it is free to use and does not require user registration to the website.

How it’s done:

One thing we always focus on, is to provide the best possible user interface to our web tools’ users to make sure a convenient experience.

Our web tool is extremely easy to use. All you have to do is type in or paste the text into our input bar and press “Convert”. This is where your job ends and our converter’s start. It will output your text in the form of binary code in real time.


On a side note, you may be wondering what applications require such a conversion. Well, there are some novel as well as some very practical applications of this conversion.

The novel applications could be as sweet as someone proposing their significant other in a ‘cooler’ way or as geeky as someone using binary codes to communicate with their squad in a multiplayer video game.

However, it is the practical applications that intensively require this converter. As you may be aware, the Binary format is the only language in which computers process information.

This is due to the fact that computer processors have semi-conductors called transistors which operate logic gates to enable information processing. These logic gates are in two given states with one state or the other at a given time.

So this two state information processing requires binary system to operate. However, as discussed at length above, this format is not very friendly when it comes to readability from a human mind’s perspective.

This leaves no other way then to have an established channel of interaction between a computer systems designer and the computer itself other than a converter like this one which translates input into binary.

For instance, it could be used to diagnose engineering related problems in computer microprocessors by directly feeding binary code as input in a computer system. This would help a computer engineer check whether a computer is processing the given information correctly or not.

Working Mechanism

The working mechanism behind text to binary conversion is rather elegant. Each upper and lowercase alphabetic character is assigned a unique ASCII value which a computing system recognizes as belonging to a particular lowercase or uppercase alphabet.

It then correspondingly converts the ASCII value into the binary code. To give you an idea, consider the letter ‘A’ again which has ASCII value of ‘65’. Our converter simply takes apart each alphabetic character to determine their ASCII value to convert them into binary by default computer operations.

You can also check out our Hex to Binary Converter if you have code in hex format that you want converted into binary.

How To Use Text To Binay Converter?

how to use text to binay converter

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