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Freight Class Calculator


What is Freight Class?

The freight transportation system is considered one of the biggest industries in the country. The U.S. Department of Transportation reported that freight class transportation impacts over 44 million jobs; which represent not only the millions of homes but the businesses that require freight in regular circumstances.

The freight class ranges from 60 to 400. For instance, cabinets are assigned with freight class number 110, whereas the refrigerator is included in freight class number 92.5.

LTL carriers determine the tariffs which are essential to pay for transporting goods. It clarifies the doubt and clearly states how much a carrier will cost you in shipping rates and fees.

The ups class calculator will help in finding the freight class ups as well as the density of your product.

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Freight class chart

Freight classes are the NMFC codes which are maintained by the NMFTA to standardize the shipping rates and important to determine the shipping rates for different kinds of products.

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The freight class code chart will tell you the shipping rates based on the density of the product. The following points should be considered while selecting your shipment’s freight class.

Freight Class Example Shipments Weight Range/Cubic Foot
50 Nuts,bolts,steel rods More than 50 LBS
55 Hardwood flooring,Paint 30-50 LBS
60 Ceramic Tiles,bottle Liquids 30-35 LBS
65 Car parts,boxes of books 22.5-30 LBS
70 Foods item,boxed paper 15-22 LBS
77.5 Tires,bathrooms fixures 13.5-15 LBS

Freight Class Table

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Some products have pre-defined freight class but some commodities are examined by their densities and then assigned a specific number. Density refers to the total weight divided by cubic feet.

Furthermore, length, width, height, and weight are measured in the calculation. The ups freight class calculator determines them accordingly and tells the status of products.

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The freight class will be highest if your product has loading regulations, specific/irregular shapes, or the material which makes it difficult to load. Shipping class calculator helps you manage the storability issues. Storability will be lowest if you have regular, easy to carry products which have no specific loading regulations.

In both cases, shipment rates will be affected. To avoid any confusion in shipment rates you can use the freight density calculator.

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Handling and liability

The products which are expensive, hazardous, and fragile need specific loading guidelines. Hence, they have assigned the highest freight class.

Keep in mind that these are estimates based on the carriers which follow the freight classification only on density.

Some LTL carriers use specific guidelines to determine freight class. To measure your shipments properly, it is very important to have accurate data about your freight class classification. The above points are also considered in FedEx freight calculation.

To avoid confusion during shipment you can use a freight shipping calculator. Calculating length, width, height in inches, and weight in-lbs are ideal conditions in measuring yrc freight and the above shipping class calculator can also be used as a fedex freight class calculator.

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What are NMFC codes?

What are NMFC codes

National motor freight class transmission (NMFTA) determines freight classes. These classes are the measurements allowed for standard prices across all LTL freight carriers.

Almost every type of product of any size is included in a National Motor Freight Classification; these commodities are assigned a specific freight class number which is essential for LTL freight shipments.

All kinds of goods are divided into 18 freight classes and assigned specific NMFC number ranges from 50 and 500. If you have any doubts regarding your product’s density you can use the freight class calculator.

FedEx quote has also been calculated using the fedex freight class calculator as it will also serve as a FedEx calculator.

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How to use freight class calculator?

The above ups freight class calculator has been designed to keep in view the facility as well as accuracy. You just need to measure the length, height, and width of your product in inches and weight of the product in-lbs.

After clicking the option “calculate”, freight calculator will show you the freight class, volume, and density of your product. UPS shipping has also followed these criteria in shipment. You can also use it as a UPS shipping calculator and find your UPS freight quote.

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