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CFU Calculator


The CFU calculator online allows you to estimate the total number of bacteria per unit area. Our efficient cfu/ml calculator proves a valuable tool to estimate the number of colonies of weight and volume. 

What is CFU?

The CFU stands for the colony forming unit. 

“It is the unit that is used to estimate the number of microbial cells like fungi, bacteria, and viruses”.

The cell statistics can be simplified with this unit because individual cells are very small and some may be dead whereas others are alive. 

The CFU Counting:

The bacterial concentration is the measurement of the number of colonies. The total number of bacteria per unit weight or volume is their bacterial concentration. 

You can calculate the CFU/ml by multiplying the total count of colonies by the dilution factor and then dividing by the volume of a culture plate. 

CFU/ml Formula:

CFU measures only viable cells of bacteria or fungi in a sample. The CFU calculator determines the bacterial concentration with the help of the following cfu formula:

$$ CFU  = \dfrac{(n_c \times DF)}{V_c} $$


nc = number of colonies 
Df = Dilution factor 
Vc = volume of a culture plate 

How To Calculate CFU?

The CFU/ml can be calculated easily with the help of a CFU calculator. Consider an example to make it easier to understand.


Let us assume that a plate of 0.01 m^3 dilution yielded a count of 12 colonies with 7 dilution factors. Then the number of bacteria in the 1 ml of the original sample is calculating CFU as follows. 

Given Data:

  • No. of colonies [nc] = 12
  • Dilution factor [DF] = 7
  • Volume of culture plate [vc] = 10 liters OR 0.01 m^3


The cfu ml calculation formula is as follows:

$$ CFU  = \dfrac{(n_c \times DF)}{V_c} $$

$$ CFU  = \dfrac{(12 \times 7)}{0.01} $$

$$ CFU  = \dfrac{84}{0.01} $$

$$ CFU  = 8400 m³ $$

CFU in other units:                                    

CFU Cells per CFU Cells per 8.4 cells/L
CFU Cells per Microliter 8.4E-6 cells/µL
CFU Thousand Cells per Microliter 8.4E-9 K/µL

The cfu g calculation is simple to convert as 10g is equal to 10 ml, and so on.

Working of CFU Calculator:

Rather than wasting your time, you should use the cfu ml calculator so you can get the results you are looking for as quickly as possible.


  • Insert the number of colonies
  • Enter the dilution factor 
  • Put in the volume of the culture plate in the field 
  • Tap “Calculate”


Below are the results you will receive when using our CFU calculator.

  • Colony forming unit CFU
  • Complete solution with CFU other units 


What Is The Number Of Cells In 1 CFU?

The CFU assumes that every colony is separate and is founded by a single viable microbial cell. 

  • 1 CFU = 1000 live cells 

The CFU calculations indicate the measurement in the form of units and in the number of colonies that can grow well on the plate. 

How Many CFU/ml Is In Urine?

There is 100,000 CFU per ml of bacteria are available 
How Many Bacteria Are In a Colony?
A cluster of at least 50 cells is known as a colony which is determined by the CFU calculation formula.  


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