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STP Calculator


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The STP calculator calculates the number of moles with the volume of a substance at standard temperature and pressure. Our STP chemistry calculator accommodates your gas calculations in the range of Density, Viscosity, Melting, and Boiling Point. 

What is STP?

STP stands for the standard temperature and pressure.

“This term indicates the volume that is enclosed by one mole of any gas at the standard condition”

The volume of gas at STP calculator indicates that there are 22.4 liters of volume in 1 mole of an ideal gas. 

Standard condition is used to describe the physical properties of different gases. These properties of matter change with the change of pressure and temperature so at 1 atm there is STP is:

273k = 0° Celsius = 32 Fahrenheit

STP Formula:

STP conditions are used to compare different sets of data in Chemistry. Hence, gas calculations can be made easier with the help of a standard temperature and pressure calculator.

Look at the STP formulas to judge the volume and moles that are also used by our tool.

V_{STP} = V \times (\dfrac{273.15}{T}) \times (\dfrac{P}{760})

Moles_{STP} = \dfrac{V_{STP} }{ 22.4}


  • V is the volume
  • T is the temperature 
  • P is the pressure 

How To Calculate The STP?

To consider the properties of any gas STP gas calculator proves a valuable tool. But getting a firm grip on manual calculations is also necessary. That is why we have solved an example to make your concept more clear!

Example # 1:

Suppose 250 torr pressure is applied at 4-liter gas at 100 C temperature. To find the volume and no. of moles of a gas at STP.

Given Data:

Volume = 4 liters
Temperature = 100C
Pressure = 250 torr

$$ V_{STP} = V \times (\dfrac{273.15}{T}) \times (\dfrac{P}{760}) $$

$$ V_{STP} = 4 \times (\dfrac{273.15}{373.15}) \times (\dfrac{250}{760}) $$

$$ V_{STP} = 4 \times (0.732) \times (0.3289) $$

VSTP = 0.963L

Now, we find the no. of moles for the given gas. 

$$ Moles_{STP} = \dfrac{V_{STP} }{ 22.4} $$

$$ Moles_{STP} = \dfrac{V_{STP} }{ 22.4} $$

MolesSTP = 0.043

Furthermore, volume at STP calculator chemistry also shows the results in different units like millimeters, centimeters, decimeters, meters, inches, feet, yards, milliliters, and centiliters. 

Example # 2:

What volume does 5.72 moles of H2 occupy at STP?

Known Values:

Number of moles of H2= 5.72 moles
1 mol = 22.4 liter

$$ Moles_{STP} = \dfrac{V_{STP} }{ 22.4} $$

5.72 = volume/22.4

Volume = 5.72 * 22.4

Volume = 128.13 liter

Working of STP Calculator:

Our volume STP calculator displays the number of moles and volume of gas in half a second. It takes into account the following points. 


  • Enter the volume, temperature, and pressure in their designated fields 
  • Tap “Calculate” 


Our combined gas law calculator stp will find:

  • Volume for the given values 
  • Number of moles 
  • Shows step-by-step calculations  


What Is The Difference Between The Standard Condition and STP?

Standard conditions are used in any thermodynamic conditions. In this, a temperature of 0° C and a pressure of 760 millimeters of mercury for use in comparison to gas. 

On the other hand, STP is used in the calculations of gases that are approximately ideal gases.

Are All Gases Ideal at STP?

At standard temperature and pressure, most of the gases behave ideally. Ideal gases have no intermolecular forces and negligible volume. 


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