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Volume of a Sphere Calculator


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Introduction to Volume of Sphere Calculator

The volume of a sphere is decided by it's formula in which majorly its radius is considered (the distance from the middle of the sphere to any points on its surface). The radius in volume of a sphere can be described as the set of all points situated from the distance "r" on a point center. It's absolutely symmetrical and has no edges or vertices.

The formula to find the area of the surface of a sphere is given below:

Volume of a sphere calculator



  • r is the radius of the surface area of sphere.
  • π the value of pi is 3.14 or 3.14159. It is the ratio of the circumference of any circle to the diameter of the circle.

For calculating volume of a sphere, this sphere volume calculator runs the formula by only requiring the value of radius. And the whole formula is solved by this online tool. This volume of a sphere calculator makes calculation easy and saves time to complete your assignments or lengthy calculation of mathematics.

What is Volume of a Sphere?

A sphere is a set of points in space that are located on given distance r from the center.

The volume is the amount of space occupied by any 3 dimensional solid. Volume is measured in cubic units such as in³, ft³, cm³, m³ etc. Be sure that all of the measurements must be in the same unit before calculating the volume.

Also find volume of cone calculator on our website portal.

What is Volume of a sphere calculator?

Calculatored introduce Volume of a sphere calculator to calculate sphere volume online.

Circumference of a sphere

If you are a math student, you can save you valuable time by avoiding manual calculations using calculate the volume of a sphere online.

How the Volume of a Sphere formula works in volume of a sphere calculator?

The volume V of a sphere is 4/3 times of radius cubed and pi.

$$\frac {4}{3} πr^3$$

The volume of a hemisphere is 1/2 the volume of the related sphere.

Volume of a sphere

$$=\;\frac {4}{3} πr^3$$

Where r is the radius of the sphere. Since the 4, 3 and pi are constant values, this simplifies to approximately


By rearranging the formula given above, you can find the radius:


where v is the volume of a sphere.

As all these formulas are seperated and may take time to be compiled and find the right answer. This surface area of a sphere calculator compiles this formula and give the answer by solving the equation with the give values in the formula. This is an advanced technology which uses the actual value of pi and gives answer.

How to use Volume of a sphere calculator?

Volume of a sphere calculator is simple & easy to use. Just follow below steps to calculate sphere volume & circumference.

First you have to enter the value of radius, then there is a tab down button where you have to enter the unit of the radius. You will see three options:

  • Step #1: Enter the value of radius.
  • Step #2: Choose the value of radius as Centimeters, meters or millimeters.
  • Step #3: Click on "CALCULATE" button.

Once you click on "CALCULATE" button, the Volume of a sphere calculator will calculate sphere volume and Circumference immediately.

Difference between circumference of a sphere calculator & volume of sphere calculator

The Circumference of a circle or a sphere is equal to 6.2832 times more of the Radius. The Circumference of a circle or a sphere is equal to 3.1416 times more than the Diameter.

So theres a difference between both of them and both works with different functionality. So to make your work learn from the formula to find the circumference of a sphere which is:



Use the circumference calculator online to calculate circumference.

Things to recall

  • Surface area of sphere = 4πr2
  • Volume of a sphere = 4/3 πr3
  • You only need to know the radius to calculate both the volume and area of a sphere.
  • Surface area problems answers should always be in square units
  • Volume problems answers should always be in cubic units

We hope our sphere volume calculator worked fine for you. So keep attach with us for using best online tools.

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