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Temperature Conversion


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Temperature Conversion & different scales of temperature

Before we talk about our tool which is Temperature Conversion, It is of crucial importance to highlight the scales of temperature it deals with.

What is Celsius?

It is named after the famous astronomer Andres Celsius. Celsius scale (C) is a specific temperature on a temperature scale. A degree Celsius can also serve as a unit increment in a temperature, defining a temperature interval. Temperature interval is a difference between the two temperatures. Celsius scale is still commonly called as ‘centigrade’ which was in fact its previous name. The name centigrade is derived from Latin language, meaning a hundred degrees’.

What is Fahrenheit?

This temperature scale was proposed by German physicist Denial Gabriel Fahrenheit. The degree Fahrenheit is a scale of temperature having specific freezing and boiling points of water. The scale places the freezing and boiling points of water exactly 180 degrees apart, because in this scale the freezing point of water is 32 degrees (32 °F) and the boiling point is 212 degrees.

What is Kelvin?

According to a new international agreement, both Celsius scale and a unit degree Celsius are defined by two terms; triple point of water and absolute zero. This progress connects the Celsius scale to Kelvin (K) scale. Kelvin (a thermodynamic absolute temperature) defined as a unit increment and on a Kelvin scale absolute zero is literally zero (0 K or/and -273.15 °C). Absolute zero is a temperature referring to theoretical absence of all the heat or thermal energy of a system or substance. It is the coldest state. The triple point of water is defined as being precisely 273.16 K and 0.01 °C. Kelvin is one of the seven SI base units.

What is Rankine?

Proposed by a physic William John Macquorn in 1859, Rankine scale is denoted as R or Ra. It is a temperature scale related to both Kelvin and Fahrenheit scales. In the sense that it uses the concept of absolute zero in the Kelvin scale, but a degree Rankine is equal to a degree Fahrenheit (a temperature of -459.67 F is equal to 0 R). While in the Kelvin scale, one degree Rankine is defined to be equal to one degree Celsius.

Temperature Converter

What is Temperature Conversion Calculator?

All above mentioned scales are used in temperature conversions and are interconvertible, which means that a value in Fahrenheit scale can be converted into a Celsius value and vice versa. Or a Kelvin temperature value can be converted into a Rankine and vice versa.

Any temperature degree of a specific scale can be converted into any scale value. This is what temperature conversion calculator is all about! You just have to enter a value of any scale in the box, select the scale you want to convert the value into, and press convert. Here you go!! You would find your converted values in a matter of seconds.

Conversion Formulas used by Temperature Conversion Calculator
Temperature conversions are easy to make through our temp conversion calculator.
Let us explain to you a few formulas of conversions that are used by the tool to convert your values.
For instance, to convert a temperature value in degrees Fahrenheit to degrees Celsius, you have to subtract 32 from the Fahrenheit value and multiply it by 5/9 or 0.5556.

The formula is as:

$$\text{Degrees Celsius}\;=$$


Let’s suppose:

$$\text{Degrees Celsius}\;=$$


$$\text{Degrees Celsius}\;=\;15.55$$

Now for converting a temperature value in Celsius to degrees Fahrenheit, you have to multiply your C value with 9/5 and add 32 in to resulting value.

The formula is as:



Let’s suppose:





In a similar manner, different formulas are used by our Temp Conversion Calculator depending upon the two temperature scales you are converting between.

Below is the temperature conversion table containing all the formulae for temperature inter-conversion(s).

Celsius to Fahrenheit:



Celsius to Kelvin:


Fahrenheit to Celsius:

$$\text{Degrees Celsius}\;=$$


Fahrenheit to Kelvin:



Kelvin to Celsius:

$$\text{Degrees Celsius}\;=$$


Kelvin to Fahrenheit:



How to Use Temperature Conversion Calculator

Our temp conversion tool is user friendly, free of cost and easy to use. You don’t have to wait or manually calculate the values. Sometimes you are in a hurry to get a converted value and our temperature conversion tool does the job just for you!

What you have to do is;

  • Select an initial scale and put its value
  • Select the final scale (the scale you want to convert your value in to)
  • Press enter or convert

And that’s it! You have your final answer in the form of a converted value as soon as you needed. It gives you a perfectly accurate value. You just have to use this temperature converter, to believe it.

Why to use Temperature Conversion Calculator

If you are a science student or teacher or even a worker, sometimes doing a practical in a laboratory or just at the time of theory work at home, you need to make temperature conversions. You have got a value in Celsius and you want to convert it into a Fahrenheit, Rankine or Kelvin. All you need is an easy tool which isn’t time consuming and at the same time generates accurate results. In such times, our temperature conversion calculator is ready to serve you. All you have to do is to open the link to this online tool, enter your values, select your scale and voila! You already have the answer. In our opinion, you shouldn’t be missing the pros and benefits of this smart little Einstein-like tool!

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