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The absolute value equations calculator helps you to determine the absolute value for any given function or real number. Not just limited to real numbers, this calculator is proficient in providing you with absolute values of inequalities and absolute functions. 

Simply enter your values and compute any positive or negative number’s absolute value. Absolute value is much opposite to expected value. Absolute value is the exact answer of the equation while expected value is clear from its name.

What are Absolute Values?

The absolute value of any number is considered its distance in figures from zero. This distance from zero is calculated without considering the integer sign present on the real number.

For Example:

If x is a real number, then the absolute value, or modulus x, is its non-negative value without regard to its sign.


The absolute value is represented as |x| using the bars in the front and at the last of the real number value. 

Absolute Value Formula:

Whether you are identifying the absolute value of a mathematical expression containing the equality sign = or having the signs <, >, ≥, ≤ forming the inequality the same formula of absolute value is incorporated.

The general formula to calculate the absolute value of any number or mathematical expression is:

F(x) = k + a |x – h|

How to Solve Absolute Values?

Solving your algebraic problems by calculating the absolute value is as simple as a pie using the absolute value calculator. This calculator requires simple steps to guide you more on how can you solve your absolute value equation.

Select Problem

The first step is to choose what is your mathematical problem. Select whether you want to find the absolute value “For Equation” or “For Number”.

If your problem is a complete algebraic expression involving equality or inequality signs then select “for equation” or if simply you need to calculate the absolute value of any natural, real or rational number choose “for number”.

Enter Number/Equation

Enter your equation if you have selected it in the option. Or simply type in your number otherwise as per the requirement.

Get Results

You can have your absolute value answer directly and also the step by step procedure to calculate the given answer.
Moreover, if you need to represent your absolute value on a number line or a graphical plot, the absolute value calculator also presents the solution in both manners.


Is It Easy To Plot Absolute Value On a Graph?

The absolute values can conveniently be plotted on a graph or x and y-axis with the aid of a calculator. This calculator provides the results on a plot and number line along with step-by-step solutions.

Would The Absolute Values of 7 and -7 be calculated The Same?

The absolute value is a mathematical representation of any number from the standard i.e. zero without considering the integer sign. Thus, when the absolute value of 7 and -7 are calculated the same results i.e. 7 are obtained.

External Resources:

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