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Quadratic Formula Calculator


What is the Quadratic Equation?

A typical equation which can be rearranged in its standard form is called quadratic equation. In quadratic equation the a, b & c represent known numbers while x represent unknown number.

Quadratic equation calculator allow us to calculate any equation online.

In order to learn more about quadratic equations and their calculations, find our complete quadratic tutorial for free.

What is Quadratic Formula?

The quadratic formula provides solutions to polynomial equation where a, b and c are known values. "a" is the quadratic coefficient, "b" is the linear coefficient and "c" is a constant.

Quadratic function calculator uses the same quadratic formula solver techniques thats why the results are always accurate.

What are Quadratic Roots?

The solution of quadratic equation formulas is also called roots. Quadratic roots can also be seen as the x-intercepts of the quadratic function. You can find sum and product of roots of quadratic equation calculator & its full tutorial so that you could learn more.

What is Parabolas?

A parabola has a plain curve of U shape in the graph of a quadratic function. A parabola having minimum or maximum extreme points are called the vertex. Parabola's graphical representation of the quadratic equation is below.

Quadratic Formula Calculator

Our quadratic function calculator also looks after the parabolas so you'll not need to worry while using quadratic equation solver.

For specific calculations related to factors of equations, try our factoring calculator with steps free online.

What is the Discriminant in Math?

A quantity of an polynomial equation which depends on the function of coefficients to find the different properties of the roots. It is defined as the polynomial function of its coefficients. Use discriminant calculator for solving it online without spending too much time.

Discriminant formula

Discriminant does not have its own discriminant formula instead, it is present under square root of the quadratic formula. While calculating, discriminant tells us how many solutions we have.

Our quadratic equation solver can also be used as discriminant calculator as it tells the values of discriminant math accurately.

How to solve Quadratic Equations?

You can use quadratic formula and discriminant calculator for solving quadratic equations online. The manual formulas used by quadratic function calculator is as below:

  • ax2 + bx +c = 0
  • Multiply both sides by 4a,
  • 4a2x2 + 4abx + 4ac = 0
  • Subtract 4ac from both sides,
  • 4a2x2 + 4abx = -4ac
  • Add b2 to both sides,
  • 4a2x2 + 4abx + b2 = 0
  • Since
  • (m + n)2 = m2 + 2mn + n2
  • Complete the square on the left slide,
  • (2ax + b)2 = b2 – 4ac= D
  • Take square roots,
  • 2ax +b = ± √D
  • 2ax= -b ± √D
  • And divide by 2a, we get
  • x = −b ± √(b2 − 4ac) / 2a = Quadratic Formula

What is Quadratic Formula Calculator?

Sometimes it can be a difficult task to do manual calculations to solve quadratic equations if your concepts are not clear. For the purpose one can use quadratic formula calculator.

Quadratic calculator is an online tool which Calculatored offers to its users for free. So if you are looking for how to solve a quadratic equation, our quadratic equation calculator is best option for you as it provides quick and accurate results.

How to use Quadratic Formula Calculator?

The quadratic formula calculator is very easy to use. You just need to add your values in the 3 inputs of the quadratic equation calculator.

Once you entered the values, click on the "CALCULATE" button and our quadratic calculator will instantly show you the answer.

We hope you liked our quadratic sum and product calculator. We care about the opinions of the users, please give us a review and feedback in order for us to assess our working. Meanwhile you can also use our other math related calculators like gcf calculator with solution.

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