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Standard Form Calculator


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This standard form calculator allows you to convert numbers, equations, and general forms to standard forms or scientific notations by placing a decimal value in the number. It converts long numbers into an easily readable standard form. 

What is Standard Form in Math?

“The standard form math is the simplest form of a decimal number to enable them to read and write”. 

Oftentimes, reading and writing large numbers seems a daunting challenge, but to manage them by comparing the power of ten we use a standard form calculator. This calculator gives the result in the following forms.

  • Scientific Notation
  • Real Number
  • Engineering Notation
  • e-notation


What is standard notation of the number 0.00010? 

1 × 10^-4

A Method to Write a Number in Standard Form:

The standard form is also known as scientific notation where the given number is indicated as the decimal number times a power of 10. It can be very easy to write if we take into service the standard form calculator. It is written as:

a x 10^b 


  • a is the whole number which is 1≤|a|<10
  • b is the integer that has a power of 10 

Rules For Standard Form:

A standard form is a writing style of equations, numbers, or expressions using a certain set of rules that are as follows:

  • Standard form always uses the base 10 
  • The number you multiply by the 10^n must in between 1.0 to 10.0
  • The power to base 10 (n) must always be a whole number 

Steps to Convert a Number in Standard Form:

The below points are considered to be important when you want to convert a large or simple value into the standard form. So look at these. 

  1. Write a number and identify a decimal point
  2. If there is no decimal point then put it after the last number from the right side 
  3. After identifying the decimal, move the decimal to the first non-zero digit 
  4. Count the total number of digits that you have moved to a decimal point. 
  5. Multiply the counted number by the same power of 10 and remove a decimal. If the decimal moves from right to left power will be positive and If the decimal moves from left to right then the power will be negative. 

Practical Examples:

Suppose a complex term (7892374) which needs to convert to standard form.


In this value, there is no decimal according to the second above given step put the decimal after the last number from the right side. 


Move the decimal to the first nonzero digit 


7.892374 x 10^6

Working of Standard Form Calculator:

This online standard notation calculator functions well and simplifies your queries within a second when you put the below value in it. 


  • Put the number into the designated field 
  • Tap on “Calculate”


  • Standard form of a given number
  • Scientific Notation
  • Engineering Notation
  • Real number

Standard Form Table:

Number Standard Form
12345 1.2345 x 10^4
450 4.50 x 10^2
5004300 5.0043 x 10^6
45 4.5 x 10^1
0.00001 0.1 x 10^-4
0.0003012 0.3012 x 10^-3
0.00049 0.49 x 10^-3
3200000 3.2 x 10^6
0.00147 0.147 x 10^-2
23500 2.35 x 10^4
80000 8 x 10^4
0.4184 0.4184 x 10^0
149600000 1.496 x 10^8
227940000 2.2794 x 10^8
141600000 1.416 x 10^8
92900000 9.29 x 10^7
86030000 8.603 x 10^7


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