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Standard Form Calculator

Standard Formula Calculator

Standard Formula Calculator is an online tool powered by calculatored that converts numerical expressions into their standard form. The standard form is a way of expressing very huge or very small numbers in a widely accepted number writing system.

In the standard form or standard index form, the numbers are denoted in the power of tens. The numbers are expressed as A x 10b in which the A is the coefficient, 10 is the base while the b is the exponent.

The standard form calculator is highly beneficial when dealing with extremely lengthy and very small number quantities. The numbers in standard form are easier to comprehend and perform calculations.

For instance, you need to mention the distance of Earth to Mars, instead of writing 395990000 you can simply use the standard form equation calculator that will denote it as 3.9599 x 108

Formula Used in Standard Form Calculator

The general formula or way of expressing the standard form of a number is the same as denoting numbers in scientific notation i.e. as the power of 10 as a base. That is why both these terms are used sometimes interchangeably, however, to convert your number to scientific notation it is better to use an online scientific calculator.

The coefficient, base and exponent together constitute the standard form of any numerical expression. For instance, the number 5000 in standard form will be denoted as 5 x 103. The 5 is the coefficient, whereas 10 and 3 are the base and exponent respectively.

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How to use Standard Form Calculator

Converting lengthy as well as small numbers is as simple as pie with the help of a standard form equation calculator. As this tool is user-friendly and doesn’t require inputting any formula or command in it anyone can access and utilize it.

The two-step procedure of the standard form calculator requires you to enter your values in the calculator and within a fraction of seconds receive your results. However, following this simplified step by step approach lets you calculate numbers in their standard form precisely.

Open Calculator

Browse into an upscale and remarkable online calculators website and search for the Standard Form Calculator.

Enter Numbers

Look for the input box and enter your numerical expression. You can also use the up and down arrows to adjust your number.

Click Convert

Simply, click on the convert option provided beneath to let the expression being converted to standard form.

Get Results

The moment, you hit on the convert, within a blink of an eye, you will be provided with the standard form of any number.

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Benefits of Standard Formula Calculator

Online Math Calculators are nothing less than a blessing for the students of the present age. Such tools are not only helping students in solving mathematical problems but also lets them clear their concepts.

The standard notation calculator likewise offers great benefits to every user. The rapidness and ease of access to this tool made it a choice for all. However, the prominent advantages user can have while in equation in standard notation converter are given below:


Manual calculations are always time taking and worrisome, contrarily online tools like standard form calculator are rapid and provide results in less than a second. If you have to convert 38046000 into the standard form it will require more than 10 minutes while with the ease of the calculator you can get it in less than 10 seconds.


Undoubtedly, the calculations performed by humans have room for errors and inaccuracies. However, the online tools run on specified algorithms that never perform miscalculations. The standard notation calculator also has algorithmic rules that provide the most accurate and precise solutions.


The standard form calculator is available online which means you don’t have to run any program or install software on your device. Simply by searching on your regular browser you can access it. All you need is an internet connection and your portable device which is no big deal in today’s world.

Free of Cost

The best thing about online calculators is that they are not heavy on the pocket as they are available without any subscription charges. The standard form converter also doesn’t ask its users to pay for the services they are having. The students especially can relish this benefit along with other advantages.

We hope you liked our calculator. Don't forget to give feedback below. Also use other important tools powered by calculatored like absolute value equations calculator.

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