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Integral definition

Integral definition assign numbers to define and describe area, volume, displacement & other concepts. In calculus, integration is the most important operation along with differentiation.

Besides math integral, covariance is defined in the same way. Find out the examples of covariance equation & calculation.

What is Integration?

Integration finds the differential equation of math integrals. Integral function differentiate and calculate the area under the curve of a graph.

Integral definition help finding the area, central point, volume etc. Integration calculator define integral to find the area under the curve like this:

Integral Calculator


F(x) is the function and

A is area under the curve.


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What is Integrand?

It is a function which is integrated is known as Integrand. In an integral equation or integration formula, it is denoted as the function f(x).

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What is Integral Notation?

For an integral equation


∫ is the Integral Symbol and 2x is the function we want to integrate.

In this integral equation, dx is the differential of Variable x. It highlights that the Integration's variable is x. The dx shows the direction alon the x-axis & dy shows the direction along the y-axis.

Integral symbol & integral rules are used by integrals calculator to get results quickly. Learn more about the scientific notation and its calculation from here.

How to calculate Integral?

How to calculate integral

We can calculate the function with few simple steps. First divide the area in slices and add up the width of these slices of Δx. Then the answer won't be accurate. (look at figure 1)

calculate integral

If we make Δx a lot in smaller width and add up all these small slices then the accuracy of the answer is getting better. (look at figure 2)


How to calculate integral?


If the width of the slices approach zero, then answer approaches to the true or actual result. So,

We now say that dx to mean the Δx slices are approaching zero in width.

Note that the integral is the inverse of derivative

inverse of derivative

Learn how to find and calculate the value of a slope before solving integral equation.

What is Definite Integral?

The definite integral has both the start value & end value. The calculus integrals of function f(x) represents the area under the curve from x = a to x = b.

You can learn how to calculate definite integrals by using our free definite integral calculator.

What is Indefinite Integral?

The indefinite integral does not have the upper limit and the lower limit of the function f(x). The indefinite integral is also known as antiderivative.

Use our indefinite integral calculator to solve definite & indefinite values. Learn how to find limit of function from here.

What is Double Integral?

Double integral have 2 variables. Consider f(x,y) as a function in a 3D space in xy-plane and R be any region in xy-plane. If we divide R region into smaller sub-regions and δAi=δxi δyi be the area of its sub-region.

Then,the double integral of f(x,y) over the region R can be defined as:

ʃʃR ƒ (x, y) dxdy=limn ͢ 0 Σ (n, i=1) ƒ (xi, yi) δxi δyi

where (xi, yi) is any point in the ith sub-region

Use Trapezoid area calculator & Rectangle area calculator to further strengthen your math concepts related to area & surface.

Double Integral Formulas

Below are the double integral formulas with different functionalities:

If f (x, y) ≥0 in a region R and S⊂R:
∬Sf (x, y) dA≤ ∬Rf (x, y) dA

  • To find double integral of sum of two functions:
    ∬R [f (x, y) +g (x, y)] dA= ∬Rf (x, y) dA +∬Rg (x, y) dA

  • To find double integral of difference of two functions:
    ∬R [f (x, y) −g (x, y)] dA= ∬Rf (x, y) dA −∬Rg (x, y) dA

  • In case of a constant factor:
    ∬Rkf (x, y) dA= k∬Rf (x, y) dA

  • For f (i, n) ≤ g (x, y) in R:
    Rf (x, y) dA≤ ∬Rg (x, y) dA

  • To find the volume of a solid:
    V=∬Rf (x, y) dA

  • To find volume of solid between two surfaces:
    If f (x, y) ≥ g (x, y) over a region R, then:
    V=∬R [f (x, y) −g (x, y)] dA

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How to calculate Double Integrals?

One difficulty in the computation of double integrals is to determine the limits of integration. The limits of integration as dxdydxdy order are required to determine the limits of integration for the equivalent integral dydxdydx order.

Difficulty in computation of double integrals is to determine the limits of integration. The limits of integration as dxdydxdy order determine the limits of integration for the integral dydxdydx order.

Find out the difference between mean & midpoint value. Also learn how to calculate using mean calculator & midpoint calculator.

What is Integral Calculator?

Integral calculator is an online tool used for evaluating integrals online. Calculating integrals manually needs proper understanding and practice. Integral by parts calculator makes it easy to solve integral equations online.

How to use Integral Calculator with steps?

The integration by parts calculator is simple and easy to use. All you need to do is to follow below steps:

Step #1: Fill in the integral equation you want to solve.

Step #2: Select the variable as X or Y.

Step #3: Fill in the upper bound value.

Step #4: Fill in the lower bound value.

Step #5: Click on "CALCULATE" button.

Once you do above steps and click on calculate button, integration calculator will immediately solve integral by parts. You'll see the results of Antiderivative, Integral Steps, Parsing Tree and the plot of the result.

You can also fill sample integral examples for solving integrals for practice. We hope you find useful information regarding Integrals and its calculations.

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Please provide your valuable feedback below. Best of luck with your learning and calculations. Cheers!

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