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Factorial Calculator


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An online factorial calculator helps determine the factorial (n!) of a given positive number. Our factorial finder calculator allows you to calculate the factorials of any real number to make your calculation fast.

What Is a Factorial?

“Factorial includes the multiplication of a positive integer by each of the numbers till 0.  It follows the same logic as the factorial Sequence calculator.”

It is the mathematical function you would use, like the symbol (!) for the number n.

Factorial Formula:

The given formula helps you to find the factorial.

n!= n* (n-1) * (n-2) * ….. * 1

Whereas: n is the desired number for which you want to do the calculation. Always keep in mind that this formula is always applicable to positive integers and not negative numbers.

How To Calculate The Factorial?

The factorial calculator might come in handy when you need to solve for factorials. We will provide comprehensive information about the n factorial formula and its application. It's worth a quick glance at the example.


Calculate the factorial of the positive number 6.


We already know to multiply the 6 by the last numbers till 0.

i.e. 6! 

6! = 6 * 5 * 4 * 3 * 2 * 1 * 0 = 720

Working of Factorial Calculator:

Jump below to learn how to use this factorial calculator to get the desired results in a span of moments!  


  • Just enter a positive integer less than or equal to having four digits
  • Press the Calculate button


The online factorial finder will give you the following results.

  • Factorial of the n number
  • Step by step calculations 


Why Are Factorials Important?

It helps when we are trying to determine how many different ways things can be arranged and how many real-world applications there are. For example, How many ways can we arrange n items? Initial decisions have n options.

Is It Possible To Have a Negative Factorial?

No, the factorial formula is only applicable to the non-negative integers as well as the zero as a domain. Even the factorial calculator can not calculate the factorial of negative integers as it is against the mathematical law. 

Does Zero Factorial Exist?

Yes, always bear in mind that zero is equal to 1 (0! = 1) before knowing the answer to this query. We know that the factorial of 0 is only possible when n>0, so how to calculate the factorial of 0?

0! = 0! * (0-1)

0! = 1

What Is The 4 Factorial Mean?

A factorial of 4 means we multiply the 4 by every positive number below the 4. We calculate the factorial by multiplying the 4 by 3, 2, 1, and 0.

Common Factorials:

Factorial Answer
n! n(n-1)...1
0! 1
1! 1
2! 2
3! 6
4! 24
5! 120
6! 720
7! 5040
8! 40320
9! 362880
10! 3628800
12! 479001600
15! 1307674368000
20! 2432902008176640000
45! 1.1962222086548E+56
50! 3.0414093201713E+64
100! 9.3326215443944E+157


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