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Summation Calculator


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This advanced summation calculator calculates the sum of a given number series for a particular expression.

What Is Summation?

“Summation is the process of adding up the set of numbers in order to form a series.”

The Greek letter that represents the summation is Σ. The symbol sigma means the sum up. Summation of sequences has two types, known as finite and infinite sets of sequences.


The formula to find out the summation for the sequence of the numbers is given below.

$$ \sum_{i}^{n} x_{i} = x_{1} + x_{2} + ... + x_{n} $$

$$ {\sum _{i=0}^n\left[f\left(x\right)\right]} $$


  • i is the lower limit 
  • n is the upper limit

How To Calculate Summation?

Our summation calculator is used to rapidly compute the sum of a series for a certain expression. 


Suppose the summation (x+1)^2 with their upper value of 8 and the lower value is 3. Find the summation of the expression.


First, you need to identify the values and find the sum which can also be instantly done by using the sigma sum calculator.

x = 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Put the value of x in series to sigma notation calculator (x+1)^2

Σx=3 = (3+1)^2 + (4+1)^2 + (5+1)^2 + (6+1)^2 + (7+1)^2 + (8+1)^2

Σ= 16 + 25 + 36 + 49 + 64 + 81 

Σ= 271

Working of Summation Notation Calculator:

Our Sigma notation calculator has a simple user interface that allows you to enter the required numbers to get results in seconds. Let’s come to know how!


  • Select the calculation method
  • Enter the upper and lower limit
  • Enter the function equation 
  • Tap “Calculate


  • The summation calculator will give you the instant sum of the number series, with the steps shown


Can You Divide the Summation?

No! It is not correct to divide the summation. In short, the summation of a series means the sum up, not divide up. 


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