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CBM Calculator


The CBM calculator online calculates the weight and volume of your consignments needed to estimate the transport cost.  Moreover, our cubic calculator will estimate the number of cartons to be adjusted in a standard vessel.

What Is CBM?

CBM stands for Cubic Meter.

"The unit of volume which is obtained by multiplying the length, width, and height of the shipment is called CBM"

CBM Formula:

Our calculator uses the following formula to calculate CBM:

 Cubic Meter Calculator (m³) = Length * Width * Height

We can define the dimensions in meters, centimeters, inches, and feet.

CBM in cm = Length * Width * Height / 1000000

CBM in mm = Length * Width * Height / 1000000000

CBM in feet = Length * Width * Height / 0.3048

How To Calculate CBM?

CBM is simply the volume of your shipment. To calculate CBM, ensure all values are in the same units. Let’s take a closer look at the examples to illustrate the complexations. Our CBM calculator helps you throughout in understanding step by step calculations it generates.


Suppose a container has different-shaped cartoons in which one has 4 cm length, 4 cm width, and 4 cm height, respectively. Find out the CBM and volumetric weight of that carton put in the container.


We know that CBM (m³) = Number of quantity * Length * width * height 

Length = 4 cm = 0.04 m 

Width = 4 cm = 0.04 m 

Height = 4 cm = 0.04 m

Number of quantity = 1 

CBM = 0.04 * 0.04 * 0.04 = 0.000064 m³

So the volumetric weight = 0.0128 kg

Working of Our CBM Calculator:

You don't need to use a pen or pencil to calculate the volume and weight of your products; just follow the steps of our CBM finder and make them accessible in seconds.


  • Select the unit of measurement for (Length, Width, Height)
  • Fill in the blank of gross weight 
  • Tap Calculate


  • CBM of the given shipment
  • Volumetric weight


Is CBM The Same As Volume?

Yes, CBM is the same as volume. CBM measures the cargo or package’s volume in cubic meters. Although volume can be expressed in any other unit, CBM can only be expressed in cubic meters. They essentially refer to the same thing.

How To Calculate The CBM Of Irregularly Shaped Cartoons?

The CBM measurement is manageable and incredible by our shipment volume calculator. You must identify the length, width, and height of the carton. 

In other words, dimension needed to be determined. Then follow the same procedure that we have discussed above for exact calculations.


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