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Slope calculator


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The slope calculator helps you to determine the slope or gradient between two points. Not only this, but you can also get instant calculations for other related parameters as well by using this slope of a line calculator. 

Slope of Line:

“The slope is the number that measures the steepness and direction of the line or a section of the line connecting two points.”

It is denoted by the symbol “m". Here, you need to know the following points:

  • If m > 0, the line increases and goes upward from left to right
  • If m < 0, the line decreases and goes downward from left to right
  • If m = 0, the line has a constant slope and is horizontal

Slope Formula:

The slope is the change in height Δy, often known as rise, over the change in horizontal distance Δx that is run. 

The formula for the slope calculator is given below:

$$ m = \dfrac {(y_{2} - y_{1})} {(x_{2} - x_{1})} $$

$$ m = \dfrac{rise}{run} = \dfrac{\Delta y}{\Delta x} = \dfrac{y_{2} - y_{1}}{x_{2} - x_{1}} $$

The slope calculator from points needs to know the coordinates of 2 points on the line (x1, y1) and (x2, y2) to calculate the slope of the line.

How to Calculate the Slope of the Line?

The slope finder shows you step-by-step solution slope calculations. Let’s examine the example to explore the slope from two points.


Let’s suppose that there are two points on a line whose coordinates are (3, 2) and (5, 12). how to find slope with two points?


By finding slope from two points, there is a step-by-step calculation.

The difference between the y-axis is:

Δy = y2 - y1

Δy = 12 - 2

Δy = 10

The difference between the x-axis is:

Δx = x2 - x1

Δx = 5 - 3

Δx = 2

Divide Δy by Δx to slope from two points.

m = rise/run

m = 10 / 2

m = 5

Working of Slope Calculator:

To use our free and fast slope graph calculator with steps, simply enter the following inputs and get immediate calculations. 


  • Put the value of x_1, y_1, x_2, and y_2 in designated fields
  • Tap “Calculate”


Slope calculator will calculate the results in the following terms.

  • Slope of the line
  • Change in X & Y components
  • Measure of angle in different units


What Is The Slope of the Infinity Line?

Infinity slope means the vertical line. It runs parallel to the y-axis. The infinity slope of the line or undefined slope means the line is still neither moving to the left nor the right. The slope of a vertical line is either +∞ or −∞ which can also be determined by using the slope formula calculator.

Is the Slope the Same as the y-Intercept?

The slope indicates the rate of Δy per unit Δx means that rise over run. The y-intercept shows the y value when the x value is zero.

What Is the Slope of the Line 10%?

A 10% slope increases by 1 unit for every 10 horizontal units moved. To calculate slope suppose a road that is 20 m broad with a 10% speed breaker will be 2 m high. This is equivalent to a gradient of 1/10, and the line and x-axis are at an angle of 5.71°.

What Does the Slope of Zero Look Like?

The graph that has a zero slope will look like a horizontal line. We already know that there is no rise for horizontal lines because their y coordinates are the same, so it has run.


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