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Konversi Pound ke Gram


Pound (lb) is the unit of the weight in the International System of Units (SI).One pound is equal to 453.59237 g.

lb to g formula:



How to Convert Pounds to grams?

Let’s Convert the 10 lb to g using the above formula:




Lbs to g conversion table:

Pounds (lb) Grams (oz)
1 oz 453.59 g
2 oz 907.18 g
3 oz 1,361 g
4 oz 1,814 g
5 oz 2,268 g
6 oz 2,722 g
7 oz 3,175 g
8 oz 3,629 g
9 oz 4,082 g
10 oz 4,536 g

Berapa gram dalam satu pon?

1 Pound = 453.592 Grams

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