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CPM Calculator


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CPM Calculator is one of the smartest calculating devices that has been designed to assist digital marketers. Using this smart computing tool you can evaluate the cost-effectiveness of your digital marketing campaigns.

Let's move ahead to know more about CPM amid the cost-effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns.

What is CPM?

CPM stands for Cost Per Mile or Cost Per Thousand. Whereas this Mile "M" is a Latin terminology used to denote "1000". It means CPM is the evaluation of the cost per 1000 impressions. While the impression(s) can be marked as the display of the Ad(s) on the online screen(s).

In simple words, When an advertisement appears on one's screen and that person views the ad then this view is counted as one impression.

All this is concerned with Digital Marketing. Obviously, every digital marketer must want to know the cost-effectiveness of his/her digital marketing campaign to evaluate the outcomes. For this, the calculation of cost per thousand impressions can be calculated easily.

Keep reading to know more about CPM.

Keep reading to know more about CPM.

Cost Per Mile can be referred to as the benchmarking metric or measurement unit used to calculate the amount of cost that the advertiser has to pay per one thousand impressions an ad.

Now, the question arises "How to calculate CPM"?

To calculate the cost per mile of advertisement(s), you can use the CPM formula.

CPM = 1000 ( cost / impressions )

What is the Average CPM ?

The CPM varies from platform to platform. For example, the average CPM for Facebook is $7.19 per 1000 impressions. Whereas the CPM for YouTube is $9.68 per 1000 impressions. Likewise, it varies, accordingly.

How to Use CPM Formula?

CPM can be calculated by dividing the amount of cost by the number of impressions and then multiplying their quotient with 1000.

For example:

  • Cost of your Ad is $10
  • Number of Impressions is 3000

Then, all you have to do is to divide the cost of your ad with the number of impressions as follows:

10/3000= 0.003

After getting the answer, multiply it with 1000 as:


The CPM is $3.33.

Why Calculate CPM?

The calculation of cost per mile of an ad can be very useful. If you are a digital marketer then you must know the worth and value of cost per mile.
The cost per thousand impressions can assist you in evaluating the cost-effectiveness of your campaign budget: "Whether it's giving you profitable outcomes or not". Certainly, it allows you to know how much 1000 views/impressions of your ad costs.
Therefore, to know how much cost-effective your advertisement campaign is, you can take the help of CPM.
For your ease, we have designed the CPM Calculator. This CPM calculator is such a helpful computing device that calculates the cost per mile of your advertisement within the second.

How to Use CPM Calculator?

The CPM calculator can be used quite easily. You don't have to do any mathematical operation in order to determine the value of CPM. All you are required to know is the cost of your ad and the number of impressions of your ad

You just have to follow these simple steps to use this smart tool.

STEP 1: Place the numerical value of the cost of your campaign budget

STEP 2: Place the numerical value of impressions of your ad

Then PRESS Calculate to find out the Cost Per Mile of your ad as per the given input.

As a Digital Marketer, you must be aware of the significance of CPM. So, use this smart CPM Calculator to calculate the CPM that can be used as a strategy to improve your advertising campaign with respect to contemporary digital marketing parameters amid competitions.

All the Best Digital Marketers!

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