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RMR Calculator


Introduction of RMR Calculator

What is RMR? It is an abbreviation of resting metabolic rate. As you know, metabolism is simply the conversion of diet to energy. RMR, as the name indicates, is the test to count the number of calories body entails at the time of rest. If the rate of calorie intake is above than resting metabolic rate, it’ll become the cause of fat storage in the body. So, this test might be proved as key to overcoming a slow metabolism as well as prevent weight loss.

To know the importance of RMR estimation, just remember, it is the measurement of how much energy is required in the maintenance of basic body functions such as breathing, body temperature, and heartbeat while the body is in rest condition. For this purpose you can also use macro Calculator to know about the nutrients that are essential for your body health. Calories not only burn in physical activities but also in rest state too. The body continuously consumes energy performing many functions such as growth, blood circulation, repairing cells, breathing, maintenance of hormonal level and basic neurological functions etc.

To effectively gain or lose weight, it is necessary to know the resting metabolic rate. Once you become aware of your telltale number you can make changes in your diet to achieve your desired weight goal. So, the resting metabolic rate is a decent test of carbon dioxide gas production or oxygen consumption without the involvement of any complex laboratory tests. MRM calculator shows the number of calories used by an organism to keep it alive in the rest state.

Factors Affect Metabolic Rate

Those points which affect metabolic rate are:

  • Increasing age factor decreases RMR
  • More muscles raise RMR
  • Increase in weight raises RMR
  • Genetics also cause of decreasing RMR
  • Living in a cold environment also cause for increasing RMR
  • Crash dieting also the reason of decreasing RMR
  • Smaller meals become the cause of increasing RMR
  • Pregnancy also increases RMR
  • Some supplements helpful in raising RMR

Metabolic rate = resting metabolic rate + energy consumed in daily activities

So, the metabolic rate always remains higher than RMR.

As we know alcohol more than average severely damages the health of your body and metabolic rate also. So to know about your blood alcohol level use BAC calculator.

Some Controllable and Uncontrollable RMR Factors

Uncontrollable RMR Factors

  • Age
  • Genetics and Epigenetics

These both are natural and regular in occurrence and influenced by diet, lifestyle, age, environment, geographical location, and disease.

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Controllable RMR Factors

  • Stimulants
  • Lean Body Mass
  • Sleep
  • Low Caloric Intake

Pre-test Requirements

There are some requirements which must be followed by the person to get a very true result.

  • Make ensure the one is at rest state
  • Does not take a meal four hours before the test
  • Avoid foodstuff made up of caffeine
  • Remain in rest condition during test time
  • Keep cover mouthpiece with slightly sealed lips

But it requires when you be in a laboratory to check your RMR. At home, you can check your RMR simply by using RMR calculator.

How does RMR Calculator Perform?

The RMR is dependent on your weight along with your activity level. It’s also based on some other factors like age, gender, body size and composition so it is vary person to person widely.

In order to calculate RMR, select (or you may write) the required info into the box. Here I am giving an imaginary example.

  • Male or Female = Male
  • Select Weight = 80 Kg
  • Height = 180 cm
  • Age = 30 years
  • Resting metabolic rate = 2050 kcal / day

The resting metabolic rate calculator will calculate your RMR by just taking this few information.

Formula to Calculate RMR

There is a Mifflin-St Jeor formula formed in the 1990 provides more valid estimation of RMR.

Equation for males

(10 * weight in kg) + (6.25 * height in cm) – (5 * age in years) + 5

Equation for females

(10 * weight in kg) + (6.25 * height in cm) – (5 * age in years) – 161

The resting metabolic rate calculator also works according this formula for males and females respectively.

Normal RMR

Is my RMR normal or not? The average RMR in females is round about 1400 calories per day and for men, it is 1600 calories per day. If your resting metabolic rate is above or below the average, it is not showing whether it’s normal or not. It might be possible that RMR calculator will not provide same figure every time because it depends upon your basic body factors as we talked above.

Is RMR Changeable?

If your weight is getting change, your RMR will get change likewise. The increasing number of weight factor makes higher RMR. Similarly, if the weight is decreasing the RMR will decrease. As your age factor will increase, your RMR automatically gets decrease with age. However, you are not able to change the resting metabolic rate but metabolism.


Commonly, basal metabolic rate (BMR) and resting metabolic rate (RMR) are thought as a name of the same thing but there is a slight difference. In BMR, there are required a minimum number of calories for basic functions at rest while in RMR, the number of calories your body burns in performing basic body functions while taking rest. RMR is more reliable than BMR.

Our resting metabolic rate calculator is best in telling that how many calories do I burn in a day. RMR calculator really provides an easy way to know how many calories you’d burn if you stayed in bed all day. You can make a meal plan based on these calculations.

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