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Kelvin to Celsius Conversion


The Kelvin (Symbol °K) is the temperature scale.The freezing point of water is 273.15 °K and the boiling point is 373.15 °K.

Formula K to C:

$$\text{Degrees Celsius}\;=\;[°K]\;-\;273.15$$


How to Convert K to C?

Let’s Convert the 100 °K to degrees Celsius using above formula:

$$\text{Degrees Celsius}\;=\;[°K]\;-\;273.15$$

$$\text{Degrees Celsius}\;=\;100\;-\;273.15$$


kelvin to celcius conversion table:

Kelvins (°K) Celsius (°C)
0 °K -273.15 °C
223.15 °K -50 °C
233.15 °K -40 °C
243.15 °K -30 °C
253.15 °K -20 °C
263.15 °K -10 °C
263.15 °K 0 °C
273.15 °K 10 °C
283.15 °K 20 °C
293.15 °K 30 °C
303.15 °K 40 °C
313.15 °K 50 °C
323.15 °K 60 °C

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