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BAC Calculator

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Introduction to BAC Calculator

Wanna know about Alcohol intoxication? Then you are at the right place. Bac calculator since last drink can easily calculate the amount of alcohol you have drunk. The blood alcohol calculator also facilitate you finding the blood alcohol content in your bloodstream accurately.

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How accurate is BAC calculator?

This tool primarily helps in finding BAC by knowing the weight of a person, number of drinks you have consumed in a given period. The BAC cannot be calculated 100% accurately but you can use this tool as time since last drink bac calculator. Different factors, like the food you have consumed, your metabolic rate and the type of drink you have consumed affect your BAC.

Let's have a look at the factors which affects your Blood Alcohol Content in your bloodstreams:

  • Your hydration status
  • Kidney function
  • Fluid intake
  • Type of meal that is consumed recently

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Can we use BAC Calculator for Driving?

Are you curious about the concentration of Alcohol in your bloodstreams before going for a drive? Or anxious, about after how long will you be able to do your work and drink completely in your senses? Then you people are at the right place, this blood alcohol level calculator is going to help you up surprisingly. This widget is going to facilitate you in such a way that you can have an approximate estimation of Alcohol.

People who drink frequently, need something to have a balanced alcohol drinking schedule. That is where you can use time since last drink bac calculator so effectively.

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Why you need Blood Alcohol Calculator?

If you had an accident, you need to have a Blood Alcohol Concentration test. The legal reason behind this test is to have an idea about the role of Alcohol in your accident. A policeman is curious to know about the factors like whether you are drunk or not? Or you are driving while drunk before your age.

Beyond what is said, you can use the blood alcohol calculator if you wanna calculate the Alcohol Content in your blood on your own.

Other than these, you can use a variety of the calculators which Calculatored is offering. You can have an accurate idea of your age by using our accurate age calculator. Furthermore, you can use macro calculator for weight gain and weight loss and can easily figure out the daily macromolecules intake according to nutrition and your body requirements.

Alcohol Concentration that Can be Tolerated

In countries like the U.S, the legal limit for blood alcohol is 0.08% when you are driving. For the drivers of the USA, the legal drinking age is 21 years. People who have Blood Alcohol Concentration more than or equal to 0.08% will have to face punishments. People who are under age “less than 21 Years” will have to go through strict penalties.

Legal Alcohol Concentration range at the age less than 21 years ranges from 0.01% to 0.05%. Alcohol consumption to this extent would be tolerated by the police or by the law.

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How do you calculate blood alcohol level?

This tool is going to provide you with a rough idea of the Alcohol Concentration in your bloodstream. You can have an idea of the Alcohol Concentration you have consumed in a single sitting, within no time.

All the factors which affect Blood Alcohol Concentration (discussed at the start of the article) were not taken into concentration when using this tool. The reason behind inaccuracy is the changing of these factors, due to body conditions and different foods intake and metabolic conditions of an individual.

The best way to be certain that you stay under the lawful Blood Alcohol limit is to avoid liquor in any case.

The use of this blood alcohol content calculator is very simple and anyone can easily figure out the alcohol content in his body. Let’s have a look at the procedure, how it works:

  • Choose your Gender (Both males and females have different drinking capacities)
  • Enter your weight in Pounds (Lbs)
  • Enter the quantity of the drink you have
  • Chose the time since your last drink
  • Now, choose what type of drink you have cosumed
  • Take your cursor to the "Calculate" option and click enter

Finally, you are done with the calculations through this blood alcohol level calculator. Now you can decide what type of work you have to do, but avoid driving as the result is not accurate totally.

Example of blood alcohol level calculator

Let’s have an example of the blood alcohol calculator:

If you are a male, the alcohol concentration of your blood will be different from that of females.

Gender of the person Male

Weight in Lbs (Pounds) 176

Amount of the drinks you had 7

Type of drink you had Wine

Time since last drink 3 Hours

BAC 0.135526%

The above calculations show that this person has a Blood Alcohol Content of 0.135526%. This content is more than the recommended Alcohol Content. A person with more than recommended BAC should avoid driving and other worthy concentration works.

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