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Ovulation Calculator

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Introduction of Ovulation Calculator

First, it’s necessary to know “what is ovulation?” Ovulation is that period in females when an egg is released from the ovary and available to get fertilized.

Now the question is: can you know your accurate fertile duration? Yes! Why not, really it’s awesome to know about your such precious days which can make you pregnant. Ovulation calculator is one of those helpful tools which is used to determine how is your body working in your menstrual days. If you are planning to conceive or avoid pregnancy, this calculator really has worth for you. By using it, you can estimate your ovulation timing so by utilizing that time you can conceive or by avoiding you will prevent being pregnant. And every pregnant women want to know her due date. For this purpose Due date calculator is very useful.

Ovulation Calculator

There are several studies tell us about the chances to get pregnant before or after ovulation.

Let’s have a look at research about conceiving chances.

  • 5 days before ovulation: 0.4 – 7 % chances
  • 4 days before ovulation: 8 – 17 % chances
  • 3 days before ovulation: 8 – 23 % chances
  • 2 days before ovulation: 13 – 29 % chances
  • 1 day before ovulation: 21 -  34 % chances
  • Ovulation day: 8 - 33 % chances
  • 1 day past ovulation: 0.8 – 11 % chances
  • 2 days past ovulation: 3 – 9 % chances

Looking at the above statistics, you can observe that the odds vary critically from day to day.

Method to Use Ovulation Calculator

Here we will let you know the method to use ovulation calculator. It’s too much easy to use, every female must have knowledge regarding ovulation calculator as well as ovulation calendar.

  1. Enter the starting date of your last period. For example, if your last period starting date is 10th of the second month and continues till 7 days, ended on 16th, your starting date of the period is 12th.
  2.  After that, select your period cycle date that might be 28 to 35 but in some cases differs.
  3. Period cycle length is actually the number of days between two cycles.

  4. Then calculate your data to know your ovulation date. You can get an idea about your next period date. But remember it will be a rough idea because every person is unique and has their own special system so the result may vary person to person according to their health. But, along with we can accurately assess results by knowing other symptoms.

Note: To get a better result, revise the same process for 4 to 5 months then calculate the average of those results

Ovulation Symptoms

Observe your physical changes during special days to note ovulation. Changes in your body during these days are ovulation symptoms. Some women notice their cervical mucus converts like a raw egg white. Some complaints are about basal body temperature rises about a half-degree as ovulation has been taken place. So, females have checked their body temperature daily before getting out of bed. On the day, when you observe risen temperature, it means you have been ovulated so time is of the essence!

Some other changes you can feel are; mood swings, breast tenderness, upswing the use of money, abdominal cramping and light spotting. Must keep a graph of ovulation days in your mind and keep a sight on the abovementioned symptoms. Your ovulation calendar along with these symptoms will provide good statistic to get know how about ovulation. Period calculators are also a good service provider in this sense.

Pregnancy Tips

Yeah! Now, I am going to discuss some golden tips. First of all, you must know that how long do you ovulate. For females who have 27 to 35 days menstrual cycles, their ovulation is in between 11 to 21 because ovulation occurs 14 days before your next cycle. If you want a baby boy, your intercourse time will be 4 or 5 days before ovulation. If you mingle 2 days before, the chances of a baby girl will be increased. Remember one thing; sperm can live 2 to 5 days depends upon uterus acidity and health of sperm. Whereas, the egg can only be fertilized for almost 24 hours (1 day) after being released from the ovary. 

You must focus on a balanced diet and take folic acid, which will be proven as a health protector for your future baby. Avoid all types of caffeine and alcohol as much as you can. For that purpose you can use BAC calculator to check the blood alcohol content in your body. A healthy diet for your spouse also has an effect on his sperm count so find out a healthy diet for your partner and yourself.

Related: To understand your health condition which would be very useful for your baby use RMR Calculator and Macro Calculator to know the calories and nutrients you are intaking.

Accuracy Chances in Ovulation Calculators

Ovulation calculators are helpful to determine the actual situation of menstrual cycle. However, person to person hormonal condition may vary so it's necessary to know the actual timing of ovulation to increase pregnancy chances. To get an accurate result, you must investigate not only the mechanical results by using calculators and ovulation test kit but also with some other body facts like body temperature and breast tenderness etc. Even in some situations, if you are not sure about the exact timing of your last menstrual cycle or you are going with irregular periods, you have very near chances to get accurate results. So it’s not an impossible task to reach accurate results.

Final Note

Ovulation test is no doubt useful for married ladies to achieve better results regarding pregnancy but this calculator is not for already pregnant women or it cannot be supportive regarding any type of aid to prevent pregnancy. It is not anticipated as a substitute for health care. Always consult your physician concerning your health issues. Especially, if you are suffering from PCOS, your ovulation may get disturbed. In that case too, you must visit a specialist.

I hope this article will provide better assistance to our great ladies regarding ovulation calculation. Use Calculatored health tools to know about your health and make your livings easy. You can also use Age calculator to know the exact date of yours till date. Please give us review and feedback.

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