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Ovulation Calculator

Please select the first day of your last menstrual period:

Usual number of days in your period:


Ovulation Calculator

When is the best time to conceive? Discover when you might be ovulating to decide your most prolific days and increment your shot at conceiving. Knowing the days you are probably going to be fertile can expand your shot at getting pregnant.

This fertile days calculator gives a gauge of your fertilization time and isn't an assurance of pregnancy or conception prevention. The adding machine and data on this site are not clinical exhortations. Converse with your PCP or medical caretaker to anticipate pregnancy and discover contraception that works for you.

Best Time to Conceive

Your fertile eggs and your partner’s sperm both are important to get pregnant. Getting pregnant is only possible during the period of ovulation when an egg is released.

Use our online free due date calculator to find out the landing date of your baby.

Signs of Ovulation

Several signs can tell you about ovulation, some of which are as follows:

  • Higher level of Luteinizing Hormone(LH), home ovulation kit can measure it
  • High basal body temperature
  • Tenderness of Breast
  • Discharge from the vagina, Cervical mucus
  • Bloating
  • Cramping in your side, Slight pain
  • Mood Swings
  • Abdominal Cramping
  • Light Spotting

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Keep Track of Your Menstrual Cycle Length

To get the most accurate and useful results, keep a track of your Menstruation cycle’s dates. 28 days is about the average menstrual cycle length, it can vary from 23 days to 35 days on average.

Calculating ovulation is difficult when you have an irregular menstrual cycle. To calculate your ovulation use the shortest menstrual period date. You can also have an ovulation urine test to have an idea of your ovulation.

Not satisfied with the results of our fertile days calculator? You can also consult with your Gynaecologist for better ideas.

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Helpful Tips for Getting Pregnant

Now we are going to discuss some golden tips for getting pregnant.

  • First of all, you can use our period calculator to have an idea. Ovulation predictor kit or tracking the symptoms given above can also be very useful.
  • You can have sex two to three days before your ovulation
  • To try conceiving use the foods and medicine which are the source of folic acid
  • Consult your gynaecologist and avoid unhealthy foods
  • Avoid foods containing caffeine and alcohol
  • Note that female orgasm and sex position don’t affect the chances of getting pregnant

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How the Accurate Ovulation Calculator works?

To precisely recognize your prolific days utilize an ovulation test that identifies the levels of estrogen and progesterone hormones in urine. Ovulation tests are 2x more precise than schedule method.

Ovulation predictor tests are more than close to 100% precise in recognizing the LH surge to distinguish your most fertile days.

How do you calculate your most fertile days?

The most important factor to conceive is knowing our ovulation period. Here we are going to discuss the working and use of the Ovulation Calculator. To use this 100 percent accurate ovulation calculator follow the following steps to get accurate results:

  • First of all, put the starting date of your menstrual period in the box given in the calculator
  • Secondly, enter the usual number of days in your periods
  • Take your cursor to “Calculate” and get your answer

Does ovulation consistently occur on the specific day of determining ovulation?

Studies have shown that even in ladies with standard cycles, ovulation can happen any day of the second week of your menstruation cycle. Timing of intercourse has never been displayed to further develop your pregnancy possibilities. You are likely not working on your odds of getting pregnant on the off chance that you stand by with intercourse.

You can’t be conceived if you have ovulated the previous week and having intercourse in the third week of your cycle. It is to be noted that the female fertile period comprises the mid of her menstruation cycle. The ovulation most probably occurs between the 12th to 18th day of the female cycle, which are considered fertile days.

Having intercourse after the middle week of the second doesn’t on the off chances of you getting pregnant. Moreover, the male sperms remain alive within the female body just for 1-2 days, therefore having intercourse a day or more before ovulation can also increase the chances of you conceiving.

For instance, you can schedule your sexual intercourse as provided below, however, the old principle of having intercourse once every other day actually remains constant.

  • Sex daily: 37% possibility of pregnancy
  • Sex every other day: 33% possibility of pregnancy
  • Sex one time in a week: 15% possibility of pregnancy

Example of period calculator

Now we are going to have an imaginary example of our accurate ovulation calculator. You can see this example as a reference when you are calculating your ovulation period.

Suppose you have your last Menstruation on the 11th of this month. You will have the answers like the following written above:

Date of Last Menstrual Cycle= 11 September 2021

Usual Numbers of Days in this Period= 27

Results will look like the following given above:

Fertile period= 22 September 2021

Next Period Date= October 8, 2021

Expected Due Date= June 17, 2021

Ovulation Date= September 22, 2021 –to- September

Our ovulation predictor will provide the results like the figures are given above in the “Example” portion. Also Use other tools provided by Calculatored such as quick tdee calculator.

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