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GCF Calculator


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The GCF calculator evaluates the common factor of two or more numbers within seconds. Our most significant common factor calculator saves your time when dealing with big numbers.

Greatest Common Factor: 

In Mathematics,

“The largest positive integer that can be divided evenly into two or more supplied numbers without leaving a remainder is referred to as the GCF"

The greatest Common Factor is widely used to simplify fractions. The most significant common factor is also known as the Greatest common divisor.

How To Find GCF?

If you are seeking how to find GCF, keep scrolling to go through the different GCF formula methods:

Methods To Find the GCF:

In the following section, we will provide you with examples to demonstrate all the methods one by one in an encyclopedic tone. Stay focused!


Factoring is the most valuable and regularly used method that is also used by this greatest common factor calculator. 


We have two numbers, 15 & 35. Let’s estimate the Greatest common factor of these numbers.


Factoring of 15 is = 1, 3, 5, 15

Factoring of 35 is = 1, 5, 7, 35

List all common factors 1 & 5, and the GCF is 5.

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Prime Factorization:

If you do not know how to do long division, then prime factorization is another choice to go by. It is almost the same as the above-explained method. Check it out briefly as under!


Suppose that we have two values, 10 & 65. Find GCF for the numbers by using prime factorization.


The secondary method for the gcd calculator is Prime factorization.

The factors of 10 are = 1, 2, 5, 10

The factors of 65 are = 1, 5, 13, 65

So the GCF (10, 65) = 5 

Euclidean Algorithm:

The Euclidean algorithm is another often-used method that may be considered by the gcd calculator to calculate accurate GCF.


“If C is the GCF of A & B, then C is also the GCF of the difference of A-B”


Discover the GCF of 54 and 30 by using the Euclidean algorithm


The difference of 54-30 equals 24.

GCF of 30-24 = 6

GCF of 24-6 =18

GCF of 18-6 =12

GCF of 12-6 = 6

GCF of 6-6 = 0

This helps to prove that the greatest common factor is the last non-zero number.

Working of GCF Calculator:

The GCF finder determines the greatest common divisor instantly and precisely. The procedure for finding results is given below.


  • Select the method of calculations
  • Put the values in the respective field
  • Then click the button “Calculate.”  


The greater common factor calculator will give you the output as:

  • GCF by the factoring way
  • GCF by the prime factorization way
  • GCF by the Euclidean algorithm


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