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Best Way to Solve Equations with Quadratic Formula

In this article, you will be able to learn what a quadratic formula in mathematics is and how to find the solution for an algebraic expression using quadratic formula.

What is the Quadratic Formula?

In algebra, the quadratic formula is a method to find the solution for quadratic equations. Since the quad means two. And the quadratic equations are polynomials of degree 2 i.e. an expression where the highest power of an independent variable is 2.

In mathematics, there are many scenarios where the quadratic formula helps to find solutions. You can find the solution of any quadratic equation using this formula, because it is the easiest way to find the roots of the equation.

Quadratic Formula

The quadratic equation formula to solve algebraic expression of degree 2 is:

quadratic formula
quadratic formula

a = coefficients of x2.
b = coefficient of x.
c = constant value.

How to Solve Equations with Quadratic Formulas?

There are many different ways of finding solutions of quadratic equations, but the easiest way is to use quadratic formulas. The factorization method can also find the roots of quadratic equations. But the quadratic formula is helpful where the factorization of a given equation is not possible. See the following examples to understand how to solve equations with quadratic formulas.

solve with quadratic formula
solve with quadratic formula

Similar to that, Lets take another example for understanding of quadratic formula and how it works on our finger tips.

quadratic formula practice
quadratic formula practice

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Where is the Quadratic Formula Used?

It is used to find the solution of any quadratic equation, because solving equations with the quadratic formula is an easy method to find roots.

How do you Identify a Quadratic Equation?

You can identify the quadratic equation easily because in this kind of equation, the highest power of the independent variable x is 2.

What is a Discriminant Formula?

The discriminant formula is a part of the quadratic formula that helps to find the nature of roots. That is:

∆ = b2-4ac

What is a Quadratic Equation?

The expression of the form ax2+bx+c=0 is called a quadratic equation, where a and b are the coefficients of x and c is a constant form.

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